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Trust me you want to watch this.

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Courageous women speak out against corrective rape

Grace Brown has photographed hundreds of survivors and received submissions from thousands more since starting Project Unbreakable in October 2011. Her images document the threatening, demeaning and downright misguided comments that sexual abusers use to torment and subdue their victims.

Some pictures capture a particularly haunting aspect of sexual victimization: so-called “corrective rape,” a hate crime used against LGBT people as punishment or in the belief that forcing them to have heterosexual sex will “cure” them of their homosexuality.

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Bold What’s True



You are English. 
You want to visit New Zealand.
You can’t sit down on the grass without making a daisy chain. 
You play guitar. 
Your parents are still together. 
You have been heartbroken before.
You can speak more than one language.
You’ve been called weird before. 
You somehow always end up wearing odd socks.
You’re a champion procrastinator. 
You hate science.
You frequently stare into space without realizing. 
You hardly ever cry.
You’re shy. 
Your shyness holds you back sometimes. 
You’re scared of the unknown. 
You have a myspace but hardly ever use it. 
You write music. 
You love summer dresses.
Your birthday is in mid August. 
You blog frequently. 
You love wearing band t-shirts with converses. 
You usually don’t use your free time very productively. 
You’re good at spelling. 
You’re bad at mental maths.
You hate horror movies. 
You wear eyeliner pretty much everyday without fail. 
You don’t do enough exercise.
You still enjoy playing Sims computer games. 
You love catching trains. 
You want to visit Italy.
You used to have braces. 
You refuse to smoke. 
You always have a constant supply of excedrin in case you get headaches. 
You get nosebleeds all the time. 
You’re a night owl. 
You’re at your worst in the morning. 
You love The Little Mermaid. 
You should be doing homework right now.
You are 15 years old.
You don’t really like to watch TV. 
You are self-conscious. 
You have trust issues. 
You would sleep in everyday if you could.
You buy way too many clothes.
You’re a Facebook addict. 
You have been best friends with your best friend forever. 
You aren’t very athletic. 
You like high school football.
You can sing alright. 
You’re normally pretty happy. 
You cry easily.
You get mad easily.
You always have head aches. 
You love electric blankets. 
Forever 21 is your favorite store. 
You hate spending money, but you always want to buy things. 
You hate living in your country. 
You get your feelings hurt very easily. 
Christmas is your favorite holiday. 
Rap and country are your genre of music. 
Your butt is really big. 
You have super curly hair. 
You hate pizza. 
You were born in Pittsburgh. 
You have 1 little sister.
You love fashion. 
Glitter is your favorite. 
Your nails are always painted. 
You’re normally pretty quiet. 
You hate opening up to people.
You aren’t really a fan of girls.
You enjoy taking walks. 
You wish you could live at the beach. 
You can’t cook at all. 
You aren’t a very good swimmer. 
You have a pink laptop. 
You kind of have a jealousy issue. 
You have chosen some pretty bad friends in the past. 
You love wearing dresses.
You hate hate hate getting your hopes up and then it doesn’t happen. 
You’re pretty much scared of everything. 
You love to cuddle. 
You’re not very good at school.
You love roller coasters. 
You’re not really an animal person.

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You know what?

I don’t care if being a lesbian isn’t natural.

Its 2014. Oreos don’t have a single natural ingredient in them that isn’t distilled out of recognition. People get their vegetables from cans. They have made cruelty-free, lab-grown BACON. People fly around in big, metal machines.


Not natural. Is not bad.

Your rhetoric is no longer a valid excuse for hate.



I couldn’t have said it better. 

One of the best things I’ve ever seen


What are you two doing… ಠ_ಠ


you’re very embarassing(ly cute), Zitao!

ARTIST // Rick Astley
SONG // Never Gonna Give You Up



Alright everyone, I know we’ve all been expecting it today, so I’m just going to go ahead and post it. No questions asked. Here’s the song of the day.

are you fucking serious 


Soohoon taking a stroll~

his cute lil butt tho

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On March 28th 2014, one of my best friends took her own life. Her name is Jordan Howe and she was a transgender female. This is a drawing that Jordan drew which I think perfectly depicts the daily struggles that the transgender community has to face. Jordan was an amazing human being and I really really feel like this drawing should go viral to raise awareness and to educate the world on transgender people. It is NOT ok to discriminate, it is NOT ok to make them feel like less of a girl/ boy because of the body they were born in and it is NOT ok to let ignorant people get away with all of this unnecessary transphobia and downright abusive behaviour. I would really love if each and every one of my followers could reblog this to spread awareness. It’s unfortunate that my perfect, talented and beautiful friend had to leave us the way she did but I can only hope that her love and wisdom and music and art lives on and furthermore helps and encourages other people to see that this is happening daily and it can be stopped. RIP Jordan Howe you are going to change the world xxx



Vitiligo is fascinating. Each person has their own unique style. I call’em “Cookies & Cream” 😊

I love this post! There’s every day people with it as well as the King of Pop.